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 The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History is the world’s largest institution dedicated to the African American experience. The Museum provides exhibitions and programs that explore the diversity of African American history and culture. The Museum houses over 30,000 artifacts and archival materials.
  Last Updated on 2/11/2007 3:07:00 PM
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 LACMA has more than 100,000 works of art and is the largest encyclopedic museum west of Chicago. Exhibits include European, Asian, Middle Eastern and American art, sculputures and artifacts.
  Last Updated on 2/11/2007 2:17:00 PM
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 The National Gallery of Art houses one of the finest collections in the world illustrating major achievements in painting, sculpture, decorative arts, and works on paper from the Middle Ages to the present. Records on all of the more than 110,000 objects and images of more than 6,000 objects in the collection are also available online.
  Last Updated on 2/11/2007 2:49:00 PM
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 One of the world's great art and sculpture collections. Located in both Brentwood and Malibu in California, one will find a breathtaking range of exhibits.
  Last Updated on 3/28/2010 8:23:00 PM
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 The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the world's largest and finest art museums. Its collections include more than two million works of art spanning 5,000 years of world culture, from prehistory to the present and from every part of the globe.

Founded in 1870, the Metropolitan Museum is located in New York City's Central Park along Fifth Avenue (from 80th to 84th Streets).
  Last Updated on 2/11/2007 2:50:00 PM
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 The National Gallery, London houses one of the greatest collections of Western European painting in the world. The permanent collection consists of Western European paintings dating from about 1250 onwards.
  Last Updated on 2/11/2007 4:08:00 PM
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 Generations of remarkable Americans are kept in the company of their fellow citizens at the National Portrait Gallery. The Gallery presents the wonderful diversity of individuals who have left–and are leaving–their mark on our country and our culture. Through the visual and performing arts, we celebrate leaders such as George Washington and Martin Luther King Jr., artists such as Mary Cassatt and George Gershwin, activists such as Sequoyah and Rosa Parks, and icons of pop culture such as Babe Ruth and Marilyn Monroe. They all link us to our past, our present, and our future. For anyone fascinated by famous Americans and their stories, the National Portrait Gallery is a must-visit destination.

Also has the nation's only complete collection of presidential portraits outside the White House, the "America's Presidents" exhibition.
  Last Updated on 2/11/2007 2:59:00 PM
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 Though it may not look impressive at first glance, once one clicks on a link, it becomes apparent why this is one of the most-visited arts sites on the Internet.
  Last Updated on 4/22/2011 1:29:00 PM
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 World Art Treasures features over 100,000 slides belonging to the Jacques-Edouard Berger Foundation, all of them devoted to art, and including the main civilizations, such as Egypt, China, Japan, India, Europe. The emphasis is on a specific and original trait in order not only to provide information, but to give birth to give birth to a truly new experience thanks to cutting-edge technology on the Internet.
  Last Updated on 2/11/2007 3:49:00 PM
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 As one would expect from the land of Rembrandt van Rijns birth, the Rijksmuseum has the largest collection of Rembrandt paintings and drawings in th world. Features more than 400 masterpieces from artists including Il Caravaggio, der Heyden and others.
  Last Updated on 2/11/2007 4:03:00 PM
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 Though small, it is the only museum in California dedicated to the preservation and display of California Impressionism or Plein-Air paintings, an art style that flourished in California from 1890 to 1930.
  Last Updated on 2/11/2007 3:49:00 PM
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 LACMA has more than 1,000 works of art online. One can also buy high-res photographs of many of their favorite pieces.
  Last Updated on 2/11/2007 4:07:00 PM
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 Laguna Art Museum represents the core California art scene. It places the aesthetics of the West Coast within a national and international context and develops scholarship on the art history of California. Laguna Art Museum works from a tradition going back to the founding of the Laguna Beach Art Association nearly ninety years ago.
  Last Updated on 2/11/2007 2:50:00 PM
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 The Peabody Museum features rich historical collections, which provide a remarkable record of the history of the earth, its life, and its cultures.
  Last Updated on 2/11/2007 2:51:00 PM
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 One of the world's most innovative museums of modern and contemporary art. Features a wide variety of subjects including sculptures, paintings, photographs, architecture and design.
  Last Updated on 2/11/2007 2:59:00 PM
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 The museum contains the largest collection of paintings by Vincent van Gogh in the world. The museum also holds an extensive offer of exhibitions on various subjects from 19th century art history.
  Last Updated on 2/11/2007 2:50:00 PM

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