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FlightSim.Com is a world-wide central meeting point for everyone interested in flight simulation and aviation. The site brings together an entire community, including large commercial publishers, freeware and shareware developers, and of course end users.

You will find a variety of services, including hundreds of thousands of quality downloadable files, FAQs, Wiki, and other information resources including message forums where people can meet, product reviews, industry news and much more. FlightSim.Com also offers the largest selection of Flight Simulator inventory in the popular FlightSim Pilot Shop.

From the basics of learning to fly, to the advanced craft of airplane and scenery design, you can find it all at FlightSim.Com. By bringing all this together in one place FlightSim.Com provides the support that both beginning and expert flight sim users need to keep their sim usage enjoyable and educational.

FlightSim.Com welcomes all members of the flight sim community and we encourage you to get involved as we feel this is the best way to enhance your flight simulation experience and make great friends.

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Microsoft® Flight Simulator X is the culmination of nearly 25 years of the landmark Flight Simulator franchise—the most significant addition to date.

Flight Simulator X immerses you in a beautifully rich and realistic world with dozens of aircraft and interactive Missions for a completely new and innovative gaming experience. Free Flight lets you fly anywhere in the world, from your hometown airport to the most exotic places you’ve ever dreamed of.

Gamers and simmers of all ages and skill levels feel firsthand what it’s like to be an aviator traveling the globe solo or online with others.

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Simviation is now firmly established as one of the top 3 websites on the globe supporting the ever growing hobby of Flight Simulation & Air Combat Simulation - with the Microsoft Flight Simulator & Combat Flight Simulator series being by far the most popular & well established in this area.

Mission: The aim of Simviation has always been to promote & encourage the great hobby of Flight Simulation in the following ways:

* Present flaw free, high quality & correctly assembled add-ons
* Prevent users giving up on the hobby by providing easy access to information for resolving problems
* Provide easy to access information on installing add-ons & improving the way you experience PC Flight Simulation
* Provide information for users wishing to explore the area of Flight Simulator Development - in the way of providing easy access to Design Programs & information on how to use these & where to learn more.

We want you to have a great time using our site & contributed files! We count the quality of our content & pages as absolute priority & our main aim has always been user satisfaction. If your experience of using Flight Simulator or Combat Flight Simulator has been enhanced by your use of Simviation then our mission has worked!

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X-Plane is the world's most comprehensive, powerful flight simulator, and has the most realistic flight model available for personal computers.

X-Plane scenery is world-wide, with scenery for the entire planet Earth between -60 and +74 degrees lattiude. We also have MARS scenery! (thanks to the Mars Orbiting Laser Altimeter, which mapped that planet's elevation) You can land at any of over 18,000 airports, as well as test your mettle on aircraft carriers, helipads on building tops, frigates that pitch and roll in the waves, and oil rigs.

X-Plane is also extremely customizable, allowing you to easily create textures, sounds, and instrument panels for your own airplanes that you design or the planes that come with the sim.

  Last Updated on 2/7/2009 12:37:00 AM

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