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The Sawdust Art Festival plays a vital role in supporting the careers of many local artists. The Sawdust is a 9-week festival situated on a three-acre eucalyptus grove, complete with waterfalls, in Laguna Canyon.

All forms of fine arts and crafts will be on display during this year¹s Festival, including ceramics, art glass, watercolor and oil painting, printmaking, jewelry, woodworking, leather, sculpture and clothing.

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 Come and spend the day whale watching, eating good food during Restaurant Week, watch a parade, ogle old cars during the So Cal Woodies display, enter the horseshoe tournament - or just stroll the Street Faire. There is much to do during the annual Dana Point Festival of Whales.
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The Garden Grove Strawberry Festival is not only one of the largest community festivals in the western US, but also one of the oldest. Featured are record-breaking strawberry shortcake, star-studded parades, helicopter rides and even a circus and rodeo.

The festival became and has always been a charitable event benefiting local organizations. In the past 50 years over $4.5 million has been donated to hundreds of non-profits. While many have mistakenly believed the festival is part of the City of Garden Grove, it is in fact a totally separate non-profit organization which has raised money for numerous city projects, as well as the city’s police and fire departments. Festival profits have built the amphitheater seating, two showmobiles, the children’s wing of the central library, a police command post, the twin towers in Atlantis Park, and a building for the Garden Grove Boys and Girls Club. The board provides scholarships annually and supports local schools. Charities such as Kiwanisland, homeless and abuse shelters and children’s non-profits have greatly benefited. Service groups, who are the only ones allowed to sell food at the festival, also raise many thousands for their organizations, often enough to fund all their events for the year.

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 The biggest and best winter parade in Orange County, featuring marching bands, clowns, exotic cars, celebrities, cheerleaders and more.
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 Official Site for the Swallows Day Parade and the San Juan Capistrano Fiesta Association. Come and spend the day at one of the most famous Missions in the U.S. and enjoy the festivities that surround the return of the swallows to San Juan Capistrano.
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