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Manta.com is the trusted authority for finding 45 million free profiles covering large to small companies worldwide--and their related industries and products. Empowered with easy- to-use customer relationship management tools, business users dive deep for fresh company knowledge. Our extensive database of company information includes content from some of the best-known companies in the business world, including Dun & Bradstreet, Hoover's, Snapdata, Datamonitor, Moody's and ICON.

Many profiles on Manta are free of charge; more detailed or specialized reports are available through a simple pay-per-view sales model.

All profiles and premium reports purchased on Manta.com are saved in a personalized Reading Room. A simple log in gives you the freedom to read, search, and print content from your Reading Room at any time.

Manta.com is owned by ECNext Inc, a Columbus, Ohio-based online media company. In addition to Manta.com, ECNext operates more than 50 premier business websites for world-class business publishers. These sites serve end users such as business decision makers, entrepreneurs and business professionals seeking information and resources to help them make well-informed business decisions. Through these sites, ECNext offers millions of articles, reports, graphs, chapters, executive profiles and business resources. Making this premium content available via the open Web allows it to be accessed by anyone who needs it, on demand, through a pay-per-view purchase, subscription license or free registration.

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