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The Clark Group Orange County real estate blog: this blog post addresses something that is making things worse: the outright fraud being perpetrated against sellers. Read more - and if you experience this behavior, please report the agent to the California Department of Real Estate.

Not going to be well-received by those unethical real estate agents, there is a growing wave of unethical agents who are in cahoots with straw buyers, are lying about the 'arms length' agreement between them and the seller on short sales and REO's, and are 'freezing out' other agents to show their listings or even go so far as refuse to present all offers to the seller. This can amount to literally hundreds of thousands of dollars lost to the seller.

Sadly, this behavior has become an epidemic: unethical agents are taking money from the pockets of banks and traditional sellers. This is a misunderstood subject in that many sellers believe they can maximize their selling price by allowing their agent (listing agent) to represent the buyer also, Truth is, rarely does this work out in the favor of the seller - but it works out well for the agent as they get 2 commissions - but many times at the financial expense of the seller.

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