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On the move since 1998, HealthFair is the national leader in preventive mobile health testing for cardiovascular disease, cancer and many other common diseases. HealthFair started with one vehicle and one mission, to make advanced life-saving tests available to individuals in a convenient and affordable way. HealthFair maintains superior quality and privacy by utilizing a fleet of self-contained mobile labs that visit communities and employer groups nationwide. These health screenings often identify serious health issues and help save lives by providing in-depth information about an individualís health status and health risk factors to share with their personal physicianp>

As the only national mobile health testing service of its kind that is accredited by The Joint Commission, HealthFair is the next generation in advanced health screening and disease prevention.

Since 1998, HealthFair has been offering life-saving health screenings at locations nationwide for individuals, corporations and other organizations. Our comprehensive screenings check for potential health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, aneurysms and osteoporosis. All screening results are reviewed by board-certified physicians.

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